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Have You Seen……? | Valley Auburn Opelika Alabama Atlanta Georgia Antique Store

We have brand new eye candy for you!! The entire store has been rearranged, fluffed and it’s amazing! Check out the photos……..but Y’all really need to come in and see all the treasures we’ve uncovered for you! From new jewelry and clothing to home decor and vintage treasures!! You are sure to find something you need to take home and even get inspired by our gorgeous vignettes! Not close enough to make a visit? Don’t forget we will ship! See something in the photos that you just “must have”? Just give us a call at 334-756-0559 and we’ll get you a custom shipping quote!

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She Sheds | Valley Auburn Opelika Alabama Atlanta Georgia Antique Store

Ok we did Man Caves, so in all fairness we need to cover She Sheds, right? Of course right! We think it’s official the “she shed” trend is here to stay. Women everywhere are staking claim to backyard sheds and making them their own. Whether for gardening, crafting, sewing, or just somewhere to curl up and relax with a book. If you have an old neglected shed in your backyard this is your chance to craft your very own oasis! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite she shed images from around the web……..let’s see if we can inspire you! 2016-08-26_0001A little blue paint makes anything pretty!2016-08-26_0002Look! A mini Silo she shed! How cute does it get?! And what a perfect use for salvaged windows and doors!2016-08-26_0003Eye candy I’m telling you! Don’t you just want to crawl into one of these little paradises and never leave?2016-08-26_0004Grand lighting and fabulous rugs…..well of course!2016-08-26_00052016-08-26_0006Ok!! So tell us, are you inspired? Do you have some she shed plans of your own? Watch facebook tonight for some she shed decor from the store!

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Barn Door Projects | Valley Auburn Opelika Alabama Atlanta Georgia Antique Store

Barn doors are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why! They are fabulous! Really the possibilities are endless. I mean who can’t think of something to do with a gorgeous slab of aged, character filled……oh the stories it could tell…. wood? Of course you could use an old barn door for…..well….a door! But that is only your first option. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite projects from around the web to help inspire you!2016-08-18_0001Here are a couple ideas of ways to use barn doors as well….doors! You can purchase barn door hardware on the web and even in some stores. Really you can turn anything into a sliding door now.2016-08-18_0002What a better way to make a set of barn doors the centerpiece of the room than by putting them front and center as your headboard? Whether mounted to the wall or hanging so handsomely on hardware. They are a gorgeous addition to any room!2016-08-18_0003HUGE kitchen table or Island? Yes please!!2016-08-18_0004Even just the simple use of these doors as a backdrop for other decor adds so much more interest to a vignette! 2016-08-18_0005We always have a great selection of architectural elements in the store, from doors and windows to trims, gingerbread and reclaimed wood. But right now we have a few fabulous big barn doors for you to add to your home! Now that we have your creative juices flowing, come by and check them out!

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Decorating With Vintage Suitcases | Valley Auburn Opelika Alabama Atlanta Georgia Antique Store

Who doesn’t love a fabulous vintage suitcase? Or maybe a whole collection? Things are better that way, right? The come in so many shapes and sizes, full of character, built and designed when people cared! So why not add a little of that character and beauty to your decor? We’ve gathered a few of our favorite ideas from the wonderful world of the web to hopefully inspire you to add a few vintage suitcases to your decor!2016-08-11_0001Suitcases on the wall? Well of course! These were cut in half and hung as shelves, and one just hung as is with a mirror added to the front for a one of a kind medicine cabinet!2016-08-11_0002Pet beds……oh my goodness!! Gotta love the bunk beds!2016-08-11_0003Add suitcases to a dresser with missing drawers or a book case for a one of a kind chest of drawers!2016-08-11_0004Suitcases on a luggage stand……really? Such a simple idea that has gorgeous results!2016-08-11_0005We just love these little travel cases on discarded table pedestals! Wouldn’t these make the perfect night stands?2016-08-11_0006Go to home depot, buy some legs and you’ve got a one of a kind side table! Love these!2016-08-11_0007Some of these suitcases are so original and beautiful just stacking them is a gorgeous addition to your decor!2016-08-11_0008You can even paint them for a different look!2016-08-11_0009Have you thought of adding a stack of suitcases to your porch to display your plants? And how adorable is this doll house?

We hope after seeing these ideas you are inspired to add a few vintage suitcases to your decor! Come on into the store, we always have a great selection of vintage suitcases and trunks for you to choose from! We are sure to have just the one for your project! Don’t forget to post your projects made from our fabulous Resurrect finds on facebook and tag us so we can share!

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Decorating and DIY With Vintage Globes | Valley Auburn Opelika Alabama Atlanta Georgia Antique Store

When you are  decorating or creating DIY projects with globes there is a WORLD of possibilities…….Sorry  just had to do it!:)But really! We’ve gathered a few of our favorite images from around the web to inspire you. Vintage globes are something that we ALWAYS have available in the store, so whether you are a collector or have a little project in mind come see us and we’ll fix you up with the perfect vintage globe!

DIY lighting using vintage globes is a huge trend. These easy and interesting light fixtures can really fit into any room and can be just as original as the globe you find to make them!

2016-08-03_00012016-08-03_0003Don’t limit yourself to pendant type fixtures, look at these amazing lamps!2016-08-03_0002Are you a collector? Globes come in so many colors, shapes and sizes! Here are a few gorgeous display ideas.2016-08-03_0004Of course we couldn’t ignore the trend in globe painting! We love the chalk board idea, hand painting and even vinyl application to these globes!2016-08-03_0005Here are a few more interesting upcycling ideas. Globes make a wonderful display surface for anything you love! We just love the use of moss, buttons and quotes used in these examples!

2016-08-03_0009How about globes hung from the ceiling in a child’s room or over a crib like a mobile? And isn’t this clock fabulous?2016-08-03_0007Even just as a part of a beautiful vignette vintage globes are a great addition to any decor!  2016-08-03_0008Well we hope we’ve inspired you to try something new with a vintage globe! Post pictures of your globe projects on Facebook and tag us so we can see your creations!

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Vintage Man Cave | Valley Auburn Opelika Alabama Atlanta Georgia Antique Store

According to Wikipedia a Man Cave is a male retreat or sanctuary in a home, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement. Man caves can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is built outside in the garage, behind a secret passageway or in the standard basement location, the man cave is a man’s special space! We have gathered a few of our favorite ideas to inspire your space!

2016-07-27_0001You can make a end table or coffee table out of anything! Coffee tables are also a great way to display collectables!2016-07-27_00022016-07-27_0003Who doesn’t love old license plates or “tags”? They are colorful rusty treasures and just look what they can be turned in to!2016-07-27_0004An old truck tail gate makes the perfect bench or bar!2016-07-27_0005And why just stop at the tail gate? How about a love seat or entertainment center?2016-07-27_0006Vintage whisky barrels have limitless possibilities! Just use your imagination and you are sure to come up with a one of a kind piece!2016-07-27_0007Show off your sports style using reclaimed wood for a more masculine look!2016-07-27_0008Think outside of the box for storage! Here deer antlers serve as a one of a kind towel rack and tires find a new use as shelving.2016-07-27_0009Build EVERYTHING with reclaimed wood! You will add instant patina, character and charm to your room.

Have we inspired you to create a space of your own? Come into the store to find everything you will need to create a one of a kind space. From rusty metal, reclaimed wood, vintage signs, tag art, advertising memorabilia and more! Looking for something specific? Give us a call if we don’t have it, we can probably get it!

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Funky and Vintage Chairs | Valley Auburn Opelika Atlanta Alabama Georgia Antique Store

Forget the matchy-matchy look! Decorating any room with different furniture styles, colors and patterns can add so much more interest and character. Add new life to your room with a vintage chair! From funky to traditional, french country to modern we have something for every style and every room! We’ve rounded up a few examples from around the net……and included a few of our own treasures that are currently in the store and can be yours!

2016-07-19_0003Dinning rooms present the perfect opportunity to mix and match vintage chairs…..paint them different colors, mix upolstered with wood. There are no rules, do what makes you happy!2016-07-19_00042016-07-19_0005There is nothing better than a funky pattern to be a wonderful centerpiece to your room!2016-07-19_0006Velvet!! Vintage chairs are a great way to add not only color or pattern, but texture!2016-07-19_0007Mixing that wonderful vintage wood patina with beautiful textiles is a sure way to add a little coziness to any room.2016-07-19_00082016-07-19_0009Fabulous…..Funky or Formal, everyone needs a little something vintage in every room……so have we talked you into a vintage chair yet? You need one of these unique treasures right? Well here are a few that are currently in the store….for sale, and can be yours today! Come visit the store at 559 Fob James Dr. Valley AL, Monday thru Saturday from 10-6pm Eastern or call 334-756-0559 for more information!


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Displaying Collections | Valley Opelika Alabama Atlanta Georgia Antique Store

2016-07-05_0010Not everything looks best arranged side-by-side on a shelf. For more playful items, like these try a shadow box! 2016-07-05_0011A grouping of like objects in one space is dramatic, try concentrating your collection in one area for the biggest impact.2016-07-05_0012Place bottles randomly or in an organized manner, by color, size, or type. A truly large collection can be the centerpiece of a room. For safety, secure the cabinet or bookcase to the wall to ensure that it cannot accidentally tip over.2016-07-05_0013 Collections should be displayed as art objects, but not in the same way a museum or art gallery would hang them. They should enhance your decor.2016-07-05_0014There doesn’t have to be a rhyme or reason for a collection, sometimes they just happen! It’s whatever strikes your fancy.

2016-07-05_0015Sometimes just a simple cabinet can be the best way to display a collection of dishes. Paint the shelves white so they don’t compete with the color or design of the dishes.2016-07-05_0016Using Collections as Artwork is a great way to have them “live” with you more than something that’s framed or closed off in some way. Grouping a small amount of like-objects on the wall makes treasured objects double as artwork and lets them be a part of discussions whenever guests visit.2016-07-05_0017A wall of suitcases makes a dramatic display!2016-07-05_0018Instead of tucking your collections away behind the glass walls of a curio cabinet, group several pieces with other items on a set of shelves.

We hope we have given you a few ideas about how to display your treasured collections, or start collecting things you love!

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Vintage Lake Decor | Valley Opelika Auburn Alabama Atlanta Georgia Antique Store

It’s the time of the year when you spend every extra minute you have at the lake! The weather is beautiful, the water is cool and the sounds are relaxing! Even if you don’t have a lake house you can add a little of that lake house charm to your space! Check out these fabulous ideas we found around the web and see what you can see if you can get your summertime decor in full swing!2016-07-05_0001We just love vintage water skis and these are some wonderful examples of creative projects! The colors and patina make for instant character.2016-07-05_00022016-07-05_0003Vintage boat oars are another great decor choice. Used in any number of ways they will add interest to your lake decor.2016-07-05_0004Don’t forget to look up! Lake lighting at it’s best! Ready made or DIY you can make a light out of anything!2016-07-05_0005There is power in numbers! This simple fact helps explain the appeal of collections! Try displaying them in large groupings to highlight their importance and add interest.  2016-07-05_0006Another way to display collections of small items is in a basket or a fabulous vintage jar!2016-07-05_0007When you think lake, think knots and rope. Just by adding rope accents you can create a casual lake feel, without being obvious.2016-07-05_0008Just by using truly old items, just the patina and age add character to your home.2016-07-05_0009And of course everyone loves a sign or a fabulous lake style vignette! We hope we have given you a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! And although we know we all would love a lake house, you don’t need one to implement some of these ideas into your home for a little of that vintage lake style!

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Vintage Dorm Room Ideas | Valley Auburn Opelika Alabama Antique Store

With fall move-in day closer than you think, it’s time again to start getting ready for dorm life! Even the least appealing, sterile, boring dorm room can look so much better with a little creativity and a few vintage treasures from Resurrect! We have been stocking the store with you in mind! We have a ton of new painted furniture in…..desks, dressers, vanities, shelves, cabinets and more. Every room needs some vintage art work…..we have custom painted vintage signs just for you! Want something special? Just ask us! We can have one custom painted just for you! Everyone needs a few throw pillows……we’ve got you covered! And were just getting started! Check out a few of our ideas that are sure to turn your dorm room into a space that feels like home. 2016-06-28_0001Baskets are perfect for under the bed storage! Make the most of your tiny space. Hang posters and pictures using command strips for easy and damage free hanging!2016-06-28_0002Do you love vintage maps as much as we do? They are the perfect wall decor! We’ve got a variety of maps and globes at the store for you!2016-06-28_0003Everyone is crazy for pallets…..we love this idea of a pallet paired with a vintage door for a one of a kind day bed. And cover anything with burlap and it becomes instantly fabulous!2016-06-28_0011Hang inexpensive drop cloths as curtains or use them as bedding. The more you wash them, the softer they get! Need a cheap headboard? Cut one out of kraft paper!2016-06-28_0004Need an easy, inexpensive and interesting book shelf? Hang a ladder sideways! Who knew?!


2016-06-28_0006Shutters are a great way to display photos, notes, or decor.2016-06-28_0007Bundles of old books add interest while a flower box hung on the end of the bed is easy storage, and antique flower frogs as pen holders.2016-06-28_0008Looking for interesting lighting that doesn’t require permanent wiring? Try hanging Christmas lights from a hula hoop or bundling them into a vintage egg basket!2016-06-28_0009A few easy and interesting ways to display photos, jewelry, and notes! Organization can be beautiful as well as functional!2016-06-28_0010We love these easy ways to stay organized! Stack suitcases to make a one of a kind end table or night stand (instant storage), Old card catalog or sewing drawers are great for bathroom storage, and add some wood to a couple of crates and you have a easy book shelf to display your treasures!2016-06-28_0012And last but certainly not least! Everyone needs coffee right? We have vintage trunks and small pieces of furniture that would make perfect coffee stations…….feeling creative and want to make your own? We have reclaimed wood and a variety of cute hooks to make your own!

We hope we have given you a few ideas to make your new dorm room or apartment feel like home! Need more? Just come into the store, browse and ask us! We love to help!

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Decorating With Vintage Scales | Valley, Auburn, Opelika Alabama Antique Store

Scales have been made to weigh everything from babies to gold. First came balance scales, then spring scales, then by the 1940s electronic scales. Collectors search for all types. Most popular grocery scales. There are so many types of scales, original or refurbished and so many ways to decorate with them! We’ve gathered a little eye candy from around the web to feed your vintage scale creativity!

2016-05-31_0001Balance scales are a little harder to find, but are perfect for displaying so many treasures in any room of the house!2016-05-31_0002Vintage scales are the perfect place to display plants and flowers. All kinds of containers can be stacked on the scale base!2016-05-31_0003We love how the color of the fruit on these scales compliments the old paint colors.2016-05-31_0004These kitchen scales are the most typical that you will find. They come in a variety of gorgeous vintage colors and can even be repainted if you wish.

The kitchen is staged with fresh pears in a vintage scale, as seen on HGTV

2016-05-31_0006Some of the larger scales have great display space and can be used to coral all kinds of littles.2016-05-31_0007Even in rough shape vintage scales can be beautiful, makes you wonder where they were and what they were originally used for. There is nothing better than a piece that shows a little age.2016-05-31_00082016-05-31_00092016-05-31_00102016-05-31_0011We hope you’ve enjoyed these beautiful images and that you are now inspired to add a vintage scale to your decor! We have several here in the store of all shapes, sizes and colors. We are sure you can find one that fits your style perfectly!

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Claw Foot Tubs In The Garden | Valley Opelika Auburn Atlanta Alabama Georgia Antique Store

We all love claw foot tubs right? I mean what’s not to love? Those curvy lines, fabulous feet and gorgeous hardware. But what if for some reason you can’t have one in your home? Maybe you rent, you can’t afford to have one refinished, or you just don’t have the space for a tub…..well the bathroom isn’t the only place for one of these fabulous vintage treasures!

We have gathered some gorgeous images from around the web of some of the most beautiful gardens with claw foot tubs! I know you will be inspired to add one of these beauties to your garden!

2016-05-24_0007We just love a water feature in a garden. They are so relaxing! By converting a tub you have a ready made pond! Just add plants and water! And how fabulous is that shower head?2016-05-24_0005Your garden doesn’t even have to be outdoors. A vintage tub is a wonderful way to bring the beautiful greenery and flowers into your sun porch or even your home.2016-05-24_0004The original chippy rusty finishes on these tubs just add to the charm.2016-05-24_0003How fun are these colors? Can’t find a tub with a great color? Grab a can of spray paint and create your ideal planter!2016-05-24_00022016-05-24_0001And while we’re on the subject…….why not throw in the kitchen sink! (pun intended):)2016-05-24_0008We just love how these sinks are styled……added to a sewing machine base, claw feet added, and dishes! What a great idea!2016-05-24_0009Pedestal and wall sinks add height to your garden and can be used as bird baths as well!2016-05-24_0010Are you convinced you need a tub, sink or maybe both in your garden? We have several tubs and sinks right here for you to choose from! You can get started on your garden today! Here are just a few examples…….

2016-05-24_0011Don’t you just love this blue one? And the chippy rusty finishes are just perfect!2016-05-24_0012They all have feet…….and how about that pink tub? And there are more! We also have a few great vintage sinks for you to choose from! So whether you are looking for a tub to refinish and add to your bathroom……or you would like on of these vintage beauties as is, we’ve got you covered! Just call the store at 334-756-0559 with any questions!


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Decorating With Vintage Trunks | Valley Opelika Auburn Atlanta Antique Store

Who doesn’t love a vintage trunk? The earliest  American made trunks were from the late 1600s. They were made of various woods and covered with hides such as deer, horse or cowhide. In the 1700s the hide covered trunks continued and became a little more ornamented with handmade brass tacks, forged iron locks and handles and leather trim.  In the late 1700s and early 1800s round trunks became popular. Looking at them from the end they appear round, with a small flat base. They were covered in leather and hide and usually ornamented with brass tacks. They were lined with a printed paper or often old newspapers. They sometimes were made with a small brass handle on top and were made in many sizes.

Today although we don’t really travel with trunks anymore, they have wonderful decrative value! Along with storage in plain sight, you can do so many beautiful things with vintage trunks! We have gathered a few of our favorite ideas and inspiration from around the web. We hope you are inspired to add a trunk or two to your decor!2016-05-17_0001Use a trunk as a simple side table or add a cushion and you have an instant bench!2016-05-17_0007By adding a base, top, or even casters you can have a very functional piece of furniture with instant vintage charm.2016-05-17_0006Is your trunk in rough shape? Paint can be a wonderful way to restore a trunk, or help it to blend or pop your decor!2016-05-17_0005Cushions make a little trunk love seat! How cute is this?2016-05-17_00042016-05-17_0003Even pieces of trunks can be upcycled into something beautiful, just like this trunk lid turned coffee table!2016-05-17_0002Well……are you inspired? Come on into the store, we always have a trunk or two laying around! Add your own special touch and have a brand new piece of vintage decor to your home!

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Antique Tobacco Baskets

Tobacco baskets were once a common utilitarian product in the tobacco markets. They have however now become popular as wall art in homes everywhere. The first baskets were made in Kentucky, but North Carolina became the primary producer of tobacco baskets by the late 1800s. Here is a brief history of the illustrious tobacco basket from Carolina Country.2016-05-10_0001Tobacco was first exported from the colonies in huge wooden barrels called hogsheads. The barrels held about 1,000 pounds of the leaves. But the barrels made inspecting difficult and therefore cheating easy. The good leaves were packed on top, hiding inferior tobacco in the bottom of the barrel.2016-05-10_0002R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is credited with coming up with the idea of using large flat baskets to keep their tobacco clean in the auction houses. The warehouse floors were filthy with mud, dust and manure brought in with the mule-driven wagons as tobacco was unloaded and stacked on the floor.2016-05-10_0003The baskets were made of oak that was split into strips. The oak strips were soaked in boiling soda water to make them bendable. The rim of the basket was fashioned with a double thickness of the strips. The bottoms were woven by machine, and another machine helped with putting the bottoms and the rims together. The tobacco companies purchased the baskets, and their names were stenciled on the rims.2016-05-10_0004There was an art to packing a tobacco basket so that it presented the tobacco well, and so that it stayed on the basket. After tobacco was picked and graded, several leaves were bound together in what were called hands. The hands were tied onto a stick (about 35-45 hands per stick) and the sticks of tobacco were hung in the barn to cure. After curing, the tobacco was taken off the stick, packed in baskets and transported to the market. The hands were usually arranged on the basket in a circle, stems ends out for good presentation in the auction.2016-05-10_0005This method of hand tying the leaves was time-consuming, and eventually the tobacco was brought to market untied, wrapped in large burlap sheets. This pretty much spelled the end for the tobacco basket market, and by 1969 the basket companies had closed.2016-05-10_0006Flea markets, thrift stores, antique shops and yard sales are good places to shop for original tobacco baskets for your own decorating project.2016-05-10_0007If you need a tobacco basket of your very own….you’re in luck! We have recently aquired 25 vintage tobacco baskets and are taking pre orders now! Baskets are large and square. The price is $150. Call the store at 334-756-0559 to reserve yours!

Sandra Clark - May 15, 2016 - 1:54 am

I would like to purchase a tobacco basket….

Jennifer Parker - May 15, 2016 - 4:09 am

I would love a tobacco basket.

admin - May 17, 2016 - 5:58 pm

Just call the store at 334-756-0559, you can pay over the phone and pick it up at your convenience. We can also give you a shipping quote!

admin - May 17, 2016 - 5:59 pm

Just call the store at 334-756-0559, you can pay over the phone and either pick it up or we can get you a shipping quote!

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Salvaged Wood Projects | Valley Auburn Opelika Alabama Antique Store

Salvaged or reclaimed wood can lend warmth to any room, but also infuses a space with a sense of history and charm that new wood just doesn’t have. You may be surprised at all the places you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your home or yard. We hope to inspire you with a few of our favorite ideas from around the web!

2016-05-03_0001From something as simple as a walkway, to this fabulous idea of surrounding a cheap plastic barrel with wood slats to create a beautiful planter!2016-05-03_0002Attach a few clips or a vase to a piece of salvaged wood for instant character and charm in your decor!2016-05-03_0003Of course signs are always a favorite way to use salvaged wood. Don’t you just love the address sign using reclaimed beadboard?2016-05-03_0004we just love all the interest the different colors and textures add to a project! And how sweet is this coffee cup rack?2016-05-03_0005You can go BIG like these fabulous stairs or smaller with simple shelves or a towel rack made using an old drawer pull!2016-05-03_0006From organization to just plain decorative charm! You can’t go wrong with salvaged or reclaimed wood for your next project! We hope that we have inspired you to take on a project of your own! If you need a source for reclaimed wood, look no further! We have bundles of reclaimed wood in our Architectural Section! You will also find windows, mantles, beautiful architectural decorative pieces!

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